Tuesday, June 29, 2021

APRS Weather Station

Added weather station (WX) temperature, % relative humidity, and barometric pressure data to APRS igate. As with most APRS fixed stations KL3RR-2 periodically sent a packet out containing a position and static "comment" which has now been replaced with (more useful) weather telemetry.

Reading temp + RH over RF (433 MHz) from an Acurite wireless remote sensor using an RTL-SDR and rtl_433.  Many other brands and models of wireless weather stations are supported. Barometric measurements are from a Bosch BMP 280 communicating with the Raspi through I2C bus.  

The pressure measurement is corrected to sea level barometric pressure and all parameters are fed into APRS client XASTIR through a "networked WX" interface using a combination of shell + python scripts and the network utility nmap.  (Inspired by wxserver.sh)


KL3RR-2 Raspberry Pi igate + WX


Bosch BMP280 absolute pressure sensor on Adafruit board in "custom" enclosure. Accurate to ±1 hPa / mbar. 


KL3RR-2 sending a WX packet (XASTIR on Raspberry Pi OS).

A week of weather data as presented by aprs.fi.  KL3RR-2 sends out a WX packet every 15 minutes.    

This weather data can also be provided to the Citizen Weather Observer Program directly through APRS-IS.  Submitting WX data to this program provides useful quality analysis which can help detect problems and improve the accuracy of the station.

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